Interesting facts about Macadamian Oil

The Macadamia plant grows in Australia and is named after John Macadam, a Scottish chemist who first cultivated the Macadamia tree.

The Indigenous populations of Australia consume the Macadamia nut for its nutritional benefits, and even consider it sacred food.

One element of the Macadamia nut, which is particularly useful, is the oil it produces. This oil can be extracted from the nuts of the tree, and contains vitamins A, C, and E along with many other natural minerals. With respects to the physical and chemical characteristics it contains, it is very comparable to oils derived from marine mammals. It is odorless, does not stain your clothes, emulsifies easily, and requires 65 seconds for full absorption through the epidermis. It allows the skin to breathe freely and does not cause dehydration. Macadamia oil is similar in composition to the oils already present in skin - it contains 85% monounsaturated triglycerides, 20% of them being palmitoleic triglycerides, which act as antioxidants by protecting cell membranes.

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Argan Legend

Argan oil, also known as the "liquid gold of Morocco" comes from the rare Argan Tree, which, outside of Morocco, only grows in Mexico. In Mexico, its fruits are not used in the production of any product, while in Morocco there is widespread utilization of its benefits. The tree is considered an unofficial totem that symbolizes the independence and mysterious spirit of Morocco.

African folklore tells us the story of how the Argan tree’s significance was first developed. According to legend, in times of severe poverty, bloody feuds and disease, man spent his days and nights in prayers, hoping to someday discover the root of evil and path to salvation. As time passed, the evil maintained and people continued to perish. Eventually, a virtuous woman with a pure soul joined the prayers of man and nature and in response delivered, to the people, Argan – the tree that gives life. People soon learned to use the tree’s hard wood as a material for houses and tools, the leaves and fruits to feed the cattle, and from the kernel they extracted Argan oil, which served both as a cooking oil and as a general remedy for disease, a preserver of beauty in women and vitality in man. It is said that the very first Argan tree still remains, decorated with an illustrious crown. Still to this day, Moroccan people living amongst the Argan forests continue their worship of the Argan tree. Its significance remains strong in the lives of many Moroccans.

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Did you know?

Since the ancient era, mankind has continually strived to discover the secret of eternal youth. Now, we have the solution! A revolutionary innovation recognized worldwide - skin care products infused with snail extract!

At the end of the 20th century, a Chilean family began to raise bulk quantities of snails for export to France for their high nutritional value. One of the Chileans, who happened to be a pharmacist noticed something strange - the workers hands, regardless of much labour they did, were as gentle and smooth as those of a baby. There was no appearance of injuries, bruises or scars. After investigating, he realized that this was due to the residue that snails left in their paths, and thus he began to research it further. After five years of work, he finally understood the sensational and miraculous healing properties of snail serum.

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